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744 Ostrom Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13210 USA

The Daily Orange, the independent campus newspaper of Syracuse, New York, was founded in 1903 and became independent in 1971. The paper will publish 125 issues during the 2017-18 academic year with a circulation of 6,000 copies, a readership of 30,000 and online circulation of about 500,000 during publishing months.

The paper is published Monday through Thursday when school is in session and Fridays before home football games and select basketball games. The paper is distributed free to more than 100 locations on and around the Syracuse University campus, including Armory Square, South Side, Hanover, City Courts, Westcott and Nottingham business areas. The editorial content of the paper, which originated in 1903 and went independent in 1971, is entirely student-run.

Business Office Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the Syracuse University school year. Summer hours vary.

For business-related inquiries:

Mike Dooling, General Manager

Editorial Staff: Fall 2017

The best way to contact editors is via email. Editors will then call you if applicable. We all check our email interminably. Seriously.

Editorial Office Hours: Sunday through Thursday from 4:30 p.m. to midnight, depending on the times when Syracuse University is out of session or on break.

Management editor@dailyorange.com, 315-443-9798
Alexa Díaz editor in chief
Alexa Torrens managing editor
News news@dailyorange.com
Sara Swann news editor
Sam Ogozalek asst. news editor
Jordan Muller asst. news editor
Kennedy Rose asst. news editor
Ivana Pino asst. news digital editor
Mary Catalfamo asst. copy editor
Sandhya Iyer asst. copy editor
Opinion opinion@dailyorange.com
Kathryn Krawczyk editorial editor
Aishwarya Sukesh asst. editorial editor
Pulp pulp@dailyorange.com
Stacy Fernández feature editor
Connor Fogel asst. feature editor
Lydia Niles asst. feature editor
Myelle Lansat asst. feature digital editor
Rhea Bhambhani asst. copy editor
Rori Sachs  asst. copy editor
Sports sports@dailyorange.com
Sam Fortier sports editor
Charlie DiSturco asst. sports editor
Matthew Gutierrez asst. sports editor
Tomer Langer asst. sports digital editor
Andrew Graham asst. copy editor
Josh Schafer asst. copy editor
Photo photo@dailyorange.com
Ally Moreo photo editor
Sabrina Koenig asst. photo editor
Paul Schlesinger asst. photo editor
Design design@dailyorange.com
Lucy Naland presentation director
Ali Harford senior design editor
Audrey Lee design editor
Kevin O’Toole design editor
Bridget Slomian design editor
Satoshi Sugiyama copy chief
Digital digital@dailyorange.com
Emma Comtois digital editor
Chichen Wang web developer
Amanda Caffey video editor
Brigid Kennedy asst. video editor
Lizzie Michael asst. video editor
Andy Mendes digital design editor
Illustration illustration@dailyorange.com
Casey Russell head illustrator
Advertising Dept. ads@dailyorange.com, 315-443-9794
General business-related inquiries:
Mike Dooling, General Manager
mdooling@dailyorange.com, 315-443-2315

Letter to the Editor Policy

To have a letter printed in The Daily Orange, please follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Limit your letter to 400 words
  • Letters must be emailed to opinion@dailyorange.com
  • Include your full name as well as your year and major, year of graduation or position on campus. If you are not affiliated with Syracuse University, please include your town of residence.
  • Include a phone number and email address where you can be reached. This is for verification purposes only and will not be printed.
  • Letters must be submitted by 4 p.m. the day prior to when you would like it to run. The D.O. cannot guarantee publication if it is submitted past the deadline.
  • Topics should pertain to the Syracuse area
  • Letters should not include any personal information pertaining to other people unless it is relevant to the topic at hand which will be decided at the discretion of the Editor in Chief and Managing Editor of The Daily Orange.
  • Any links to third-party websites or extended versions of the letter will also be published at the discretion of the Editor in Chief and Managing Editor of The Daily Orange
  • All letters will be edited for style and grammar

Thank you in advance for following these guidelines.

Article Takedown Policy

The Daily Orange does not remove articles from its website without a compelling legal justification. The board of directors of The Daily Orange reserves the exclusive right to modify this policy without notice and as it deems necessary.

The Daily Orange is the newspaper of record for news created by or affecting the Syracuse University community. The Daily Orange’s staff believes dailyorange.com should reflect the contents of the print version of the publication as accurately as possible. We believe unnecessarily altering the contents of dailyorange.com would be a disservice to our readers and the communities we serve by preventing our online component from accurately documenting history as it happens.

If you feel there is a legal justification for the publication to take down an article, column or other material appearing on dailyorange.com, please submit your request in writing to the below address, including with your request 1) the name of the written work, 2) its author, 3) the date of publication, 4) a hyperlink to the online version, 5) the legal justification for taking the work down and 6) any supporting documents.

The Daily Orange
Re: Online article takedown request
744 Ostrom Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13210

The editor in chief will respond to requestors after examining takedown requests.


The Daily Orange is a platform for discussion among our readers. We offer the platform for readers to comment on stories to further the discussion of the story topic. The Daily Orange Corp. reserves the right to remove comments that do not further that discussion, as determined by the Editor in Chief and Managing Editor, and also reserves the right to disable comments completely.

Story Ideas

Do you have a story idea or event coming up that you’d like to share with The Daily Orange? Just fill out this simple form and our editors will be notified of the story.

Editorial Board

The Daily Orange Editorial Board serves as the voice of the paper in discussions that concern Syracuse University and the greater Syracuse community. The editorial board, which consists of the paper’s head editors, aims to contribute the perspectives of students to conversations that are often centered on local policies, news events and administrative actions. If there is an issue you would like the editorial board to weigh in on, please pitch your idea here.

Learn more about The D.O. Editorial Board

Buy Photos

Are you interested in buying a photo from The D.O.? Good news: You can. Photos can be purchased for $100 for one-time use and $175 for unlimited use. Please email editor@dailyorange.com with the following information: Name, email address, phone number, link to photo and description of use.


Please email editor@dailyorange.com to report a correction.

The Daily Orange Board of Directors: Fall 2017

The D.O. Board of Directors guides the corporation through short- and long-term financial and strategic decisions directly pertaining to the success and longevity of The Daily Orange.

Board Members
Alexa Díaz editor in chief
Alexa Torrens managing editor
Mike Dooling general manager
Lucy Sutphin advertising manager
Eric Forman alumnus
Deb Gersh Hernandez alumna
Dave Levinthal alumnus
Steve Kovach alumnus
Matthew Gutierrez asst. sports editor
Julieta Birmajer business assistant
Emma Comtois digital editor
Bence Kotis IT director
Michael Burke student alumnus